Auckland is a vibrant multi-cultural city of approximately 1.5 million people, with much to see and do when not at the conference. Have a look at the Auckland tourism website for more information. In particular, the list of frequently asked questions should prove helpful.

Please remember to check for visa requirements before travelling. Your overseas ATM card won't work in New Zealand so bring either your credit card or New Zealand currency.

Getting to the venue and its surrounding hotels can be done either by shuttle or taxi. The hotel is 17km from the airport. A taxi will cost around $50-90, depending on traffic, time of day and the taxi operator. A shuttle booking can fix that price.

Weather in November is mild, being the end of Spring. There is a reasonable chance of some rain so do bring an umbrella or raincoat in case. Forecasting is difficult for Auckland, but you can see the best guess for a 10 day forecast here and here.

The days are long with sunrise at 6am and sunset shortly after 8pm. The UV intensity is high by this time of the year, so remember your high factor sunscreen if you plan to go outdoors at all.

bungee jumping from Harbour Bridge

walkway from hotel to Pigeon Mountain